My name is Lee Whitnum, and I am committed to cleaning up the Connecticut judiciary.  My simple 15 bill plan to empower the people will give average folks the right to fire dishonest and corrupt judges who push the boundaries of "judicial discretion." Like you, I want fairness in the court system. Unfortunately, there are few checks and balances. My simple common-sense bills will empower the people and 'retire' those judges who have pushed their power too far. Please check back frequently as every month I will unveil a new bill that, as your Governor, I plan to present, and fight through, the Legislature. 

Friends, our 3 million residents represent the most educated population in the United States and we deserve better than a judiciary ranked 48th. At the heart and soul of this problem is the lack of evolution of our Judicial System. 


If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference -- for our families, our communities, and our country. 

Working Hard For Connecticut

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"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt

Candidate Lee Whitnum

Candidate for Governor (D) 2018