Candidate for Governor (D) 2018

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Lee testifies about Judge Jane Emons. March 24, 2018

​Write "Lee and Jacey" on the ballot.

As your Governor and Lt. Governor, Jacey and I will establish systems to fire bad judges and state employees.  If you want change you have start at the most fundamental level. The corruption has destroyed our state and our quality of life. People do not want to start a  business in a state complete run by influence peddling. Unfortunately, the current candidates have not addressed how to fix the problem but I have the cure:  My 15 steps cleans it up by establishing some simple systems such as the ability fire bad judges.  Currently judges in Connecticut get a job for life and state employees are rarely fired.  You clean up the filth at the top and the rest takes care of itself.  Our people will stay because the system will be fair. 

FIRE THE CORRUPT and streamline our State!

My name is Lee Whitnum, and I am committed to cleaning up the Connecticut  judiciary and the State.  Connecticut is blotted with State employees - including bad judges who clog the system.  There currently exists no way to get rid of corrupt State employees - including bad judges.  Our judges are rubber-stamped in every eight years and so basically they have a job for life, regardless of behavior. 

Our judges have destroyed the lives of so many of our residents.  The corrupt people at the top number 300, but we are 3 million and it is time to take back our State.  As one of the 13 original colonies this State has failed to evolve.  I'm here to streamline Connecticut, fire the corrupt and bring us into the 21st Century.  Join me!

My simple 15 bill plan to empower the people to fire dishonest and corrupt judges and state employees who push the boundaries of "judicial discretion." Like you, I want fairness in the court system. Unfortunately, there are no checks and balances. My simple common-sense bills will empower the people and 'retire' those judges and state employees who have pushed their power too far. 

Candidate Lee Whitnum



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