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LEE BILL #3 - Phony judicial indignation – including the abuse of the marshal service is strike one for impeachment.  Judges will act like you did something wrong and take issue of your behavior but what they are really doing is displaying phony indignation so they don't have to answer the motion in front of them. It is a ploy to throw the case - usually to deny due process.

LEE BILL #14 - Revision of the Guardian Ad Litem statutes.  It is relatively easy to learn the law, it is next to impossible for some lawyers to development the necessary sensitivity to deal with children.  Therefore, a Guardian Ad Litem does not have to be a lawyer, but can instead be a specially trained therapist.  This reduces the cost to the parent by about $400 an hour.  This also prevents a judge from demanding an ADL in order to line the pockets of their lawyer friends.

LEE BILL #4 - In criminal court: A Motion to Dismiss is given a full hearing within 60 days or the charges are dropped. How are innocent people supposed to get out from under unlawful charges if they cannot have a motion to dismiss heard?  

LEE BILL #7 - Redefine Sovereign immunity  - the State currently has more than 215 lawyers at the Attorney General’s office.  Instead of thanking a litigant for pointing out a state employee who has run amok, they send a team of lawyers to defend that employee’s right to not do their job and screw you over. Run amok employees must be held personally liable and accountable.  

LEE BILL #1 - Change the Judicial Review Council - which is currently a useless appeasement organization. Judges in Connecticut get a job for life - regardless of behavior. Instead of rubber stamping all judicial re-appointees every eight years, the JRC will have real power - the power to impeach. Three strikes against a judge and an impeachment hearing is automatically and immediately initiated.  Impeachments are final and there is no appeal.  Strikes come from the documented reports of individual people.  Also a State Employee Review Council with the same power to fire will be initiated. This is a major step to clean out the fat and corruption which is the byproduct of 350 years of good old boy rule.

LEE BILL #2 - No denying a Motion for Clarification or Articulation - A Motion for Clarification or Motion for Articulation must be answered with a reason grounded in the law or common sense. To deny, without explanation either of these two motions is the face a strike toward impeachment. Every litigant deserves an answer and every judicial decision must be based on the law.  This simple change in an existing statute would eliminate  behind the scenes deals.  This change includes the Appellate Court. They currently answer only 21% of briefs received, this new rule could force them to answer all. 

LEE BILL #17 - Please notice that the State of Connecticut has very few lawsuits on the Judicial website.  That is because powerful the state and other VIP players have the ability to remove cases.  You and I cannot as we are denied "for the interest of justice" and public's right to know.  Okay back at you:  the People have a right to know.  

LEE BILL #8 - All Judges must rotate – even judge trial referees.  The rotation every four years was supposed to prevent fiefdoms and tiers of power.  The old guys come back as Judge Trial Referees and they don’t have to rotate.  They never leave and their power is unchecked.  

LEE BILL #9 - Restore the Grand Jury in Connecticut. We have a Constitutional right to a Grand Jury – then why don’t we have one?  We need a full 24-person grand jury of members of the  public.  News flash:   A jury of one, who happens to be a judge, is not a jury.

LEE BILL #12 - Gratuitous adding on behind the scenes of harassment charges by prosecutors to abuse the mental health statutes. Currently in the State of Connecticut, two or more convictions of harassment and the State can order a psychiatric evaluation. Worse than the penal code is the prospect of being confined to mental institution. This is the modern day witch hunt. Gratuitous adding on of harassment charges by prosecutors or anyone other than a law enforcement police agency will NOT lead to psychiatric evaluation.

LEE BILL #6 - The Probate Courts and the Criminal Courts get an electronic docket (most are currently hand written).  In both of these matters the State is a party.  When the State stands to gain, they want the upper hand. Those litigants appealing from a ruling are forced to create their own docket - a next to impossible task. Also, the elimination of hand-written dockets prevents document from disappearing.  Computer dockets are backed-up so the unscrupulous can't claim you didn't file or ignore your motion.

Lee Whitnum's 15 Step Plan to clean up the Connecticut Judiciary and the State.

Candidate for Governor (D) 2018

LEE BILL #5 - When you Order a transcript you get the audio - This is to prevent the tweaking of the transcript by unscrupulous judges, lawyers and litigants.

LEE BILL #15 - Keeping a parent from a child is prohibited. A judge doing so may be subject to a strike toward impeachment. If there is no corroborated proof of abuse or neglect, there should be no reason to keep a parent from a child - ever.  This is a purposeful ploy to feed the system as judges know a parent will spend every dime they have to get to their loved one.  It must stop.  This includes Judges ordering that a parent in this situation be precluded from filing motions. 

Friends, sometimes the smallest steps have the most powerful repercussions. The Connecticut Judiciary has evolved into a predatory organization.   We desperately need judicial reform.  This list is growing.

LEE BILL #13 - Criminal defendants who are charged with a misdemeanor should not be subjected to the Statewide Prosecutor’s Office.  They will be on the local docket with the local prosecutor.  This prevents powerful people from the State, or powerful private parties from sending a hand-picked prosecutor.

LEE BILL #16 - The Vexatious Litigation cause of action can only be decided by trial by jury - not by a judge, and definitely not by the judge presiding on the original case.  The powerful use this threat to make you drop cases.  The penalties for Vexatious Litigation are triple damages of legal fees.  People seeking justice have dropped legitimate cases out of fear of judges in the pocket of the powerful and wealthy.  Not only will a biased judge throw your case, he can then make you pay big.  People have a right to seek justice.   If a case is truly frivolous a motion to dismiss at the beginning will weed this out. This bill will prevent judges abusing the Vexatious Litigation statutes.     

LEE BILL #11 - Trickery, gamesmanship and/or lies - by a judge is subject to a strike toward impeachment.  This comes in so many forms including: selective blindness of what is on the page in front of them, lies about statutes, scheduling you to be in two places at once, phony judicial indignation, requiring impossible bench marks like producing a process server before capias can be issued.  These games and overall trickery come in many forms and is usually done to deny due process in order to throw the case.

LEE BILL #10 - No denial of due process.  Judges purposefully effect the outcome of cases by denying due process; they do this in a variety of ways. Any denial of due process is suspect but, a denial without an objection from the other side is definite grounds for impeached.