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     Lee Whitnum Officially Announced Her Candidacy For Governor Today,

Dedicated the campaign to Prudence Crandall cited the words of Martin Luther

                                          King Jr. against Ignorance

Candidate for Governor Lee Whitnum officially announced her candidacy for Governor today on Martin Luther King Day – dedicating the campaign to educator Prudence Crandall, who was forced out of the State of Connecticut in 1834 for opening a school for African-American women.  From a press conference in her home office in Danbury, Whitnum states her initial challenge is overcoming her poor public image born from the targeted character assassination by powerful Connecticut politicos and the Hearst Media Corporation. Whitnum blames her woes on her political stands against the political movement Zionism. 

Whitnum’s two stated goals in this campaign are to cleanup the Connecticut Judiciary, (Whitnum has 15 bills already written), and for the right of all citizens to exercise their First Amendment right to speak freely without ramifications.

Whitnum’ speech on January 15, 2018:

            Hi I’m Lee Whitnum candidate for Governor. I have a lot of bad press to overcome. It all began in 2008 when as a candidate for the US Congress, I was outspoken against the US funding of Israel as counterproductive to the well-being of the United States. Since then I have been smeared over-and-over again, by the Hearst Media Corporation which is the dominant media voice in Connecticut. Hearst prints it, and the other publications just regurgitate it. I later encountered the lawlessness of members of the Connecticut Judiciary and my life will never be the same.

            The Hearst Media Corporation has printed so many lies and, unfortunately, the public believes them. Hearst printed that Governor Dannel Malloy had a protective order against me – which is a blatant lie.  Hearst Media claimed on the front page of the Greenwich Time that I ‘stalked a judge and other people’ I never stalked anyone in my life – it is a blatant lie. Hearst Media Corporation misreported the reasons for my arrests and never asked my side of the story – although they claim they did. Another lie.   When I was exonerated, Hearst Media Corporation refused to print it. I believe the Hearst Media Corporation is perhaps using the “discredit the messenger and you discredit the message ploy”. By implying some sort of mental instability in everything they write about me, they discredit the message.  

            Hearst Media Corporation’s targeted character assassination has painted an inaccurate picture – contrary to reality.  I am a sane, well-educated, intelligent woman, a viable candidate who has been horribly maligned because of my stated opposition to Zionism. Let’s set the record straight since Hearst Media Corporation won’t do It.:  

“…When someone says ‘don’t support Lee Whitnum because she is anti-Semitic’, please reply:  ‘Lee is NOT anti-Semitic, Lee deplores racism that is why she is anti-Zionist.

           The Hearst Media Corporation has failed to cover any aspect of my legal problems instead repeatedly dismissing me as “litigious” which negates how hard I’ve fought against injustice at the highest levels.  Lawless people in power in Connecticut cannot remain free to violate the rights of our citizens.  This must stop.  Even when I’ve sent out press releases the Hearst Media Corporation, either lies about me, smears me, or they ignore me completely.

            The Hearst Media Corporation prints editorials that call me anti-Semitic and crazy. The Hearst Media Corporation refuses to educate the public - they refuse to make the distinction between Judaism and Zionism, misreporting my stands. I believe they do this for political purposes because while the lines are blurred, then discussion of anything Israel-related remains taboo under the dreaded fear of the anti-Semitic label. Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I’d like to quote him: 

             "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."            Martin Luther King Jr.

            This quote reminds me of the fact that 99% of all Americans don’t know the difference between Judaism and Zionism; but it is essential that they do. Israel is a topic so important that John Kerry our former Secretary of State devoted his entire farewell address, on Dec. 28, 2916, to this topic.  His most memorable words:  “Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic, it cannot be both...”  

              Imagine if everyone reading this press release or hearing my words set out to educate at least one person on the difference between Judaism and Zionism.  It would set back 30 years the PR firms for Israel and AIPAC. Because the battle has always been for the hearts, minds, money and might of the American public.  The most patriotic thing you can do for your country is to read and learn the following:

              Judaism is a beautiful religion and culture 4,000 years old, Zionism is political movement 70-years-old that grants preferential treatment to Jewish people. There are Christians who are Zionist and Jews who are not.

               In Israel there are 3.5 million people who are not citizens of the country where they were born because they were not born Jewish and they are discriminated against in every possible way from equal protection under the law to the ability to dig a well for water. The discrimination includes routine collective punishment slaughter of a civilian non-Jewish underclass.

              That is the political movement Zionism. I believe Zionism is racial discrimination and contrary to our American values. The U.S. is hated world-wide for our hypocrisy as Israel is the largest recipient of US foreign aid – thanks to AIPAC,  we literally pay-and-pay-and-pay to be made less safe. Connecticut’s portion: $50 million annually to Israel; every State gives Israel $50 million annually because of AIPAC’s power in our Congress. This very hypocrisy is the reason why America is no longer great and will continue to decline.  The role of the Israel-firsters, the Neocons, in the taking down of Iraq for Israel certainly didn’t help matters. We were played, there were never any weapons of mass destruction.

              Why should I as a Connecticut resident pay money to a country that if I were there in the Occupied Territories, in Gaza or the West Bank, as a Christian, I’d be a second class citizen?  We can’t make Israel change its domestic policy against its non-Jewish underclass but we can certainly make the choice to stop funding it.

               Talk like this has angered some people; well excuse me for exercising my First Amendment right to free speech and my obligation as a politician to address relevant foreign policy matters and especially where our money goes.  In the Connecticut Court System I believe I have been horribly abused by politically motivated bullies as punishment for my outspoken political beliefs.  Family court Judge Jane Emons and her henchman, self-proclaimed “35-year-buddy since we were both prosecutors” Assistant Chief State’s Prosecutor John Whalen - unabashedly there to prosecute me, a housewife with no priors, on the behest of Jane Emons.

               Judge Jane Emons railroaded me into divorce without a private conversation with my infirmed husband. Judge Jane Emons denied my Practice Book rights repeatedly: she denied due process of the financials that should have enabled me to negotiate with my husband’s powerful adult children to get my infirmed husband home.  Emons quashed subpoena and conciliation which would have allowed access to my husband. Despite being married to man worth $5 million I was awarded not even a dime in the railroaded divorce. A divorce where a private conversation between husband and wife was never allowed thanks to the judges in the unlawful State of Connecticut. The judges in Connecticut, following Emons' lead, further kept me from my husband until his death despite my non-stop legal fighting for four years.  Not satisfied, Judge Jane Emons next claimed I rang her bell and ran at 1:38 am on June 22, 2013 and demanded my arrest. It was a blatant lie.  I was in Manhattan that night and my phone records proved it. The Woodbridge Police refused to arrest me and so Emons’ enlisted Prosecutor John Whalen, who allegedly altered my phone records on his report #2013-0203 to get an arrest warrant.  I was arrested and charged with 9 crimes in all.

               All along Whalen kept saying that if I left Connecticut “3 million people would stand up and cheer.”  Bullying and framing a politically undesirable like me, browbeating into quietude is unacceptable behavior. How is this any different than what happened to Prudence Crandall more than 180 years ago? She was persecuted for having a school for African-American girls and she was driven out of Connecticut. I have been persecuted because I am anti-Zionist – proudly anti-Zionist - but I am not and have never been anti-Semitic.       

               I was forced to appear in criminal court for 41 court appearances for crimes that I did not commit or were not crimes.  No judge would dare come to my aid and Whalen violated my Sixth Amendment Constitutional Right to fair and speedy trial.  The judges ignored six Motions to Dismiss allowing Whalen to abuse the court system to torture me.  I addressed the legislature in March 2017 against the reconfirmation of Judge Wenzel because he would not hear one of six motions to dismiss. He violated my rights and enabled Whalen. My testimony fell on deaf ears.  All Connecticut judges are rubber stamped in every eight years. They get a job for life regardless of behavior.  Not anymore – not with me as your governor.   

                The founding fathers authored the Sixth Amendment because it is cruel to have a defendant sweat it out year-after-year and not bring to trial. Fair and speedy trial – fat chance in Connecticut.  I paced for 5 years unable to see or speak with my husband, railroaded into divorce and 3 ½ years believing I was going to be railroaded into jail. Five years of torture – years I can never get back. In addition I was precluded from working as a teacher with pending charges. Four years of teacher salary lost.  John Whalen knew full well what was at stake.

              At one point I even applied for political asylum to the Country of Canada explaining that I was being "persecuted for my political beliefs" and that I literally had the man who orchestrated the charges being able to prosecute me for them. I explained that my Motion to Disqualify Whalen was turned down by Judge Hernandez in Norwalk Criminal Court.  The Country of Canada denied my application and told me to seek a work visa.  I was furious. How would that protect me from extradition and the long-arm of the law and John Whalen's bogus charges? I repeat i was facing 16 years in jail. I don't blame the Country of Canada, they clearly found it hard to believe an American could be in this situation.  Well many Americans have been at the mercy of unlawful, powerful people in law enforcement. As your governor, wounded people will flock to our state from all over the country with the words:  Thanks to Lee Whitnum the Judges in Connecticut do it by the book. We are safe here. And you will be - the influence peddling that runs this state will be gone. Every state will admire our "do it by the book or else" crack down.   Read my 15 steps.

             I even called upon federal Judge Stefan Underhill who refused to reel in Whalen.  I filed federal case 3:15-CV-0959 naming Emons and Whalen. I filed an Emergency Injunction on 7-27-2015 asking Underhill to Order Whalen to bring to trial or drop the charges.  Underhill ignored the injunction.  

                 At the Superior Court I filed two cases:  Whitnum v. State of CT, FST-CV-16-5015817-S and Whitnum v. Emons, FST-CV-15-5014842-S, and sought permission from the Claims Commission to sue the State.  Of course that was denied and I am waiting to address the legislature for that right.  In the meantime in FST-CV-16-5015817-S I’m asking for the ability to indict John Whalen with an Application for Investigation under CGS 54-47c but no judge will hear it.  I keep reclaiming it but the day never comes for the hearing. The bottom line is this:  you can’t get any judge to rule against the powerful state players. There is no justice in Connecticut a state so unlawful we are ranked 48th in the country.

                  I have asked remand from the Second Circuit Appellate Court of Stefan Underhill’s ruling in 3:15-CV-0959 and I have 15 complaints of judicial misconduct against him.  I am asking for remand back Bridgeport District Court and new judge.

                  I also filed 25 briefs at the State of Connecticut Appellate and Supreme Court level that went completely ignored.  Twenty five dismissed without one word of explanation.  In Connecticut the Appellate and Supreme Court judges only rule on 20% of the cases filed. .As your governor I’ll make them address every appeal as every litigant is owed an explanation.  

                  Jane Emons once described me to the Judicial Marshal Service as a member of the “Abolish Israel Platform”, which is laughable as there is no such platform.  For the record I don’t want to abolish Israel – I want Israel to evolve into the 21st century.  My motivation is self-serving: I’m out to protect the once impervious, late-great United States of America.

                   In conclusion.  My stated platform as a gubernatorial candidate is to clean up the Connecticut judiciary. Politically motivated people should not be able to abuse our court system to retaliate against individuals they disagree with politically, in my five years in the court system I have been in Probate Court, Superior Court, Appellate Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court and even Criminal Court and I believe only someone who has been a victim of our system is capable of cleaning it up.  As your Governor I’ll give impeachment power to the Judicial Review Council and restore the Grand Jury abolished in 1984. We need to clean up the filth at the top including the ability to fire bad judges and state employees as corruption has bankrupted our state and eroded our quality of life. Currently nothing is safe in Connecticut – not your freedom, not the custody of your own children, not your right to a fair and speedy trial.  
                   I realize I have much to overcome.  I’ve got to counteract ten years of lies, fight for credibility, and somehow get my message out in a clearly biased media environment. Please support me and help me fight.  We are 3 million and the powerful at the top are only 300.  It’s time for change in Connecticut.   I'm Lee Whitnum and I'm running to be your governor.