Foundation for Litigant Parity

May 17, 2012 - Politico Lee Whitnum charged with “Disorderly Conduct” after a tearful phone call to plead with Judge Jane Emons who has kept her from her infirmed husband for 13 months.    

“What right do these family court judges have to keep members of a family apart?” asked Whitnum referring to the epidemic of family court judges in Connecticut who keep parents from children.  

Whitnum, kept from her infirmed husband for 13 months called Judge Jane Emons on the phone on May 15, 2013 to plead for a chance to speak with her own husband before being railroaded into divorce. A divorce she believes was initiated by the Baker children.  

"Emons told police that she recognized my voice, not true I introduced myself immediately and she hung up." said Whitnum. "It was all of a few seconds."

A year prior on July 16, 2012 Judge Jane Emons quashed subpoena to produce Baker and Emons also denied court-ordered conciliation which kept Whitnum from her infirmed husband, James Baker.  Whitnum claims she believes Emons is politically motivated.   

“I’ve fought so hard for a year and four judges, beginning with Emon's, have denied me all access to my husband,” said Whitnum a first time offender was charged with disorderly conduct for the phone call.

Baker’s $5 million portfolio was fraudulently conveyed during their marriage into a trust controlled by Baker’s adult children. The Baker’s vowed to fight and Baker left their Stamford marital residence on May 27, 2012 to retrieve his artwork which was stored at his old one-bedroom apartment at Atria, Darien and Whitnum, his wife, has never seen him since. 

“By denying due process of the Wells Fargo transfer documents. Emons took away the only bargaining chip I had to negotiate with my husband’s powerful children to get him home,” said Whitnum. “My rights by the Practice Book, our book of laws, have been denied by Emons and other judges, I believe, following her lead,” said Whitnum.  "I can't believe I am being railroaded into divorce without a private conversation with the man I married."

Whitnum's husband is at Atria, Darien and all access, including mail and phone calls, has been denied to Whitnum by the Atria Corporation under order of Baker's children.

Emons reportered to the police that the call was threatening, "not at all," said Whitnum.