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Whitnum is denied access at the State’s Attorney Office in two active cases for justice against the actions of disgrace former judge Jane Emons and John Whalen

With subpoena in hand, candidate for Governor Lee Whitnum was turned away from the State’s Attorney office in Rocky Hill on September 26, 2018. Whitnum was there to examine the phone, email and police reports of Assistant Chief States Prosecutor John Whalen to prove a link between Whalen and disgraced former judge Jane Emons in what Whitnum alleges was a criminal frame.

“We were turned away at the door by two inspectors despite the fact that a subpoena duly signed was served 20 days prior,” said Whitnum who cites Officer Gregory Zigmont, Inspector, as one of the officers who turned away Whitnum and a witness. 

Whitnum claims Jane Emons claimed Whitnum rang her doorbell and ran on June 22, 2013 in the early morning hours.  Emons claimed she saw no one and yet she steered the Woodbridge Police to Lee Whitnum by name, and demanded a telephone investigation.  Whitnum has called the allegation an “absolute lie – I don’t ring peoples’ bells and run.”

Whitnum is seeking justice for the years of living hell she endured based on the bogus accusation by a then sitting jduge.  The Woodbridge police investigated for three months and finding no criminal wrong doing by Whitnum closed the case on September 17, 2013. But Emons and her alleged henchman John Whalen continued to torture Whitnum.

“The Woodbridge Police on September 17, 2013 deemed the case “administrative closed,” said Whitnum which proved, along with Whitnum’s phone records obtained via federal subpoena, that she was in Manhattan that night and that she did not ring Emons bell and run. None-the-less John Whalen at the behest of Jane Emons stepped in to continue to prosecute.

“It was insane.  One police agency states the case is administratively closed and another steps in to pick it up and to continue the legal harassment - the highest police agency in Connecticut no less, for little old first-time offender Lee Whitnum, teacher, and sometime politico.  Come on.  This was a hanging jury in search of a crime,” said Whitnum.

Whitnum was then tied up for years and forced to make 41 criminal court appearances as Whalen refused to adjudicate and Judges Wenzel and Judge Hernandez refused to hear one of ten motions to dismiss. 

“I was brow-beat into taking a plea.  I had evidence to prove my innocence and yet no judge would listen to it.  The criminal court judges followed the lead of visiting superstar prosecutor John Whalen,” said Whitnum who is seeking justice for the torture she endured, the destruction of her good name, and the loss of four years of salary based on the charges.

“I kept saying ‘we can’t have the man who allegedly orchestrated the crime being able to prosecute me for it – that is insane.” said Whitnum whose words fell on deaf ears in the Norwalk criminal court. 

The journey for justice has taken Whitnum years and the current Whitnum v. Woodbridge Police Department 3:17-cv-01362  case in one of three cases against Jane Emons and one of two against John Whalen. 

“I literally had to take Accelerated Rehabilitation (AR) for first time offenders to get out from under nine criminal charges that were either not crimes, or crimes allegedly orchestrated by the statewide prosecutor’s office,” said Whitnum who upon facing the prospect of 14 years in jail, and trying for years to have a Motion to Dismiss with evidence heard, finally took the AR pleas deal. 

“I literally had to take a plea deal for crimes I did not commit, could prove I did not commit, but no judge would hear a motion to dismiss,” said Whitnum who adds, “how many other innocent people in the unlawful State of Connecticut have taken a plea deal rather than face the prospect of going to trial for unlawfully levied charges because no judge would hear a motion to dismiss. It is insane. What kind of system do we have?”

What kind?  The kind of system that allows a police agency to ignore subpoena. Whitnum was turned away on September 26, 2018 despite a signed and duly served subpoena. In her civil actions, Whitnum is attempting to make the case that Jane Emons set her up for incarceration on June 22, 2013 by claiming falsely that Whitnum rang her bell and ran in the middle of the night.  Whitnum has provided the detailed proof of her allegation that she was allegedly criminally framed by Emons and Whalen on her website:  

            “The bizarre appearance of a number on my phone record that is neither to nor from my number is a clue enough that there was telephony conspirator,” said Whitnum who has alleged that Emons and Whalen had to allegedly work in tandem. “There is also other evidence of their tampering.”

            “I can’t seem to get justice in the courts, and I can’t seem to get the press to cover this story, it is travesty as this is real news of great public concern, we cannot have a sitting judge enlisting the highest law enforcement agency in the land to allegedly criminally frame a citizen based on personal or political reasons,” said Whitnum  who claims she suffered greatly at Whalen’s refusal to adjudicate.

“Our founding fathers created the Sixth Amendment because to live under pending  criminal charges for years is cruel – and believe me it was,” said Whitnum who adds, “it was psychological torture for three years and it cost me four years of salary as a teacher.  My career has never bounced back.”

            Whitnum also blames the press for failure to report.  "I’m smeared all over the internet as a person who stalked a judge, only I never stalked anyone and despite telling Neil Vigdor, Ken Borsuk and their editor Thomas Mellana, of Hearst Media, they have refuse to cover any aspect of the my cases against Emons and Whalen or to print, my statement that I never rang Emons bell and ran,” said Whitnum who believes the larger story is not whether a minor political candidate committed a crime but the fact that a then sitting judge and her prosecutor buddy of 35 years would set out to allegedly crimanlly frame a citizen. 

            “God was with me,” said Whitnum.  “If Emons had chosen any other night to claim I rang her bell, I’d probably in prison now without an alibi,” said Whitnum. “But what prevents another poor citizen from being allegedly criminally framed by the powerful in the unlawful State of Connecticut?”

             Whitnum has current Superior court case:  Whitnum v. Emons in a federal case Whitnum v. Town of Woodbridge Police department to which Whitnum is trying to cite Emons in.

            Lee Whitnum is a Connecticut politico, who ran for US Congress in 2008, the US Senate in 2010 and is a current candidate for Governor 2018.  As a candidate for Congress and Senate, Whitnum was vocal again the exorbitant US funding if Israel as counterproductive to the peace process and the well-being of the United States.

            Whitnum claims, now disgraced former Judge Jane Emons, targeted Whitnum for the political stands against the US funding of Israel based on her allegation that Emons allowed a politically motivated heckler into a near-empty courtroom and other denials of due process in Whitnum’s “railroaded” divorce.

            “Gee as an political candidate I thought I had an obligation and right to talk about relative foreign policy matters – and a First Amendment Right, apparently not when comes to Israel.”

            Whitnum has accused Jane Emons of setting out and succeeding in destroying her life, Whitnum is apparently not the only person whose life Emons has destroyed.  In January of 2018 for the first time in 275 years the legislature refused to reconfirm a judge.  That judge was Jane Emons, this allegedly based on what one legislature calls “a mountain of complaints.”  The most disturbing were the allegations that Emons had unlawful and repeatedly kept children from parents.

            As a gubernatorial candidate Whitnum has compile 20 steps to clean up the Connecticut judiciary viewable on her website:

"If we had Alaska's laws in this state I could have peremptorily disqualified Emons or sought Judicial Recall.  In Connecticut we have no checks-and-balances of the highest levels of power.  Connecticut needs to evolve to Alaska's level as our citizens are not safe here from the abuses of the powerful." 

Judge Kari Dooley is presiding in Whitnum v. Woodbridge 3:17-cv-1362.