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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Candidate for Governor Lee Whitnum

Whitnum Denies Responsibility of Route 91 Billboard Against Judge Jane Emons\

After receiving several inquiry calls, Candidate for Governor Lee Whitnum has disavowed any knowledge of the billboard on Route 91 in New Haven which urges the CT Legislature against reconfirming Judge Jane Emons. Whitnum claims she was also one of Emons’ victims and will testify at her reconfirmation on Friday, February 16, 2018.

 “Judge Jane Emons destroyed my life, I didn’t put up the billboard, but whoever did, has done a public service,” said Whitnum who has three cases against Emons (two in Superior Court and one in Federal Court). “I am still trying for justice against Emons. I urge the legislators not to reconfirm this woman.”

Whitnum claims Emons drives wedges in families and that Whitnum was denied all contact with her own infirmed husband, James Baker, for four years until his death because of Emons. Whitnum claims that in her case Emons was politically motivated and violated a court order and Connecticut General Statutes in order to harm Whitnum. 

“Emons violated Connecticut General Statutes. She denied subpoena, denied court-ordered conciliation in violation of 46-53. And she denied Request for Production which would have enabled me to negotiate with my husband’s powerful children to get him home,” said Whitnum.

Whitnum claims in court documents that during her marriage her husband’s $5 million portfolio was fraudulently conveyed into a trust controlled by his adult children without her or her husband’s consent. Learning he was broke, Baker had what appeared to be nervous breakdown and returned to his prior residence to get the remainder of his art work and Whitnum never saw him alone again as self-interested people kept them apart. Whitnum sought the court system to gain access to her husband but was thwarted at every turn.

“Looking back, I wish I’d hired a Blackwater team to rescue him and whisk us both up to Canada,” said Whitnum who was denied all contact with her husband for 13 months in the lead up to the railroaded divorce. “There is no justice in this unlawful state. Nothing you hold of value is safe in this state run amok. I’m not the only person unlawfully kept from a family member by the Family Court judges. It is an epidemic.”

Whitnum claims the judges in Connecticut destroyed her marriage by refusing to produce Baker, and by denying due process of the Wells Fargo transfer documents. “Emons denied subpoena to produce my husband.”

Whitnum was railroaded into divorce in September 18, 2013 without a private conversation with her own husband. Whitnum blames the travesty on Connecticut judges as five judges denied due process of her husband financials (Emons, Schofield, Richards, Heller, and Munro). “I was awarded not even a dime as the judges claimed my husband was broke, this after they repeatedly refused to rule to produce the assets,” said Whitnum.  “You seek justice and what you get is tricks.”

Whitnum claims additionally four Judges denied a Motion for Telephone conversation. “I even got down on hands and knees in the courtroom and begged Judge Taggart Adams to issue an Order to allow me to speak on the phone with my own husband. Denied of course as was subpoena to produce him,” said Whitnum. “Even Judge Genuario denied me the ability to get mail into my husband,” said Whitnum who will also be testifying on Friday against Judge Genuario’s reconfirmation.

“I believe Emons was motivated politically because I was outspoken as a 2008 Congressional Candidate against the United States funding of the Country of Israel,” said Whitnum who believe the other judges just followed Emon’s lead.  “They apparently don’t need a reason to violate general statutes to destroy a life.”

The bill board reads “Stop Judge Jane B. Emons. Judicial Committee members VOTE NO! Of Emons.” And is located on route 91 just outside of New Haven.

Whitnum, a 2018 gubernatorial candidate, is running on the platform to clean up the judiciary and state employee staff. She has written and posted 15 bills to do so.

"This is the heart and soul of why this state is in the toilet. Judges in Connecticut get a job for life as they are rubber stamped in every eight years.  You can't get rid of bad judges or bad state employees.  The lack of checks and balances are the root of our financial wows,” said Whitnum. The hearing for Emons, and all judges seeking reconfirmation, will begin 9:00 February 16, 2018.

 “I’m urging all who were aggrieved by Emons to testify or submit a five page maximum allowed written statement to: “ said Whitnum who also claims Emons had her falsely arrested. “This woman has hurt many families. She must be stopped.”  ###