Judge Jane Emons was cut off at the knees today by Judge Richard Arnold in what politico Lee Whitnum calls "Emons ongoing politically motivated quest to destroy my life - in this case by abusing the protective order statutes." The "Bogus Protective Order" was garnered after Emons' claimed Whitnum rang-her-bell and ran. "It is a lie, I don't ring bells and run," said Whitnum. 

In the Bridgeport Court house today Judge Arnold stated on the record, "Madam of course you can enter the courthouse," to which Whitnum stated:  "yeah, tell it to Judge Jane Emons." Arnold modified the protective order and a state police officer called Whitnum immediately after telling her she was free to go into the courthouse. 

"Thank god the State Police had suggested I file a 'Motion to Modify the Protective Order,' said Whitnum.  "I did it and now Emons can't bother the State Police any more. They seemed relieved," said Whitnum as Emons had been calling the State Police and demanding Whitnum's arrest every time she walked into the courthouse for legal matters and court appearances.  

Emons presided in Whitnum‘s divorce, Whitnum claims Emons denied all access to see her infirmed husband and railroaded her into divorce without even a private conversation. "What the judges did to us was a travesty," said Whitnum who claims in court documents that ring-leader Emons is punishing her for her outspoken views against the US funding of Israel. 

Whitnum claims that the protective order is bogus from the get-go as it was based on a criminal set up by Judge Jane Emons who claimed that Whitnum rang her bell at 1:38 am on the morning of June 22, 2013.  Whitnum who claims her phone records can prove she was in Manhattan that night. “I believe it was all orchestrated to get the protective order and the long jail terms that implies. I also believe Emons is abusing her power and her role."

The attached police report from the Woodbridge Police garnered Whitnum the arrest for stalking and harassment.  “Emons claims in the report that her doorbell rang and she saw no one,” said Whitnum. “Then why was I charged?  Emons presides over hundreds of cases, why did she steer the police to me by name? The answer is obvious.”

The new protective order expires on October 23, 2014. Whitnum claims Emons has denied all access to her infirmed husband since he disappeared on May 27, 2012.  "The abuse by Family Court judges is rampant in Connecticut," said Whitnum. " They drive a wedge in families by keeping loved ones apart. You keep coming back for justice, but there is none. "

Whitnum claims Emons kept her from her infirmed husband (denying court-ordered conciliation, and subpoena) and railroaded her into divorce on September 9, 2013.  "we were denied all contact for 13 months and railroaded into divorce without even a private conversation" said Whitnum.   Whitnum states in court documents that during their marriage her husband's multi-million dollar portfolio was fraudulently conveyed into a trust controlled by his children. Baker had what appeared to be a nervous breakdown.  He then went to retrieve his art work and Whitnum never saw him again. "By denying the production of my husband's Wells Fargo documents, they took away the only bargaining chip I had to bring my infirmed husband home; I believe the judges did it intentionally." 

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