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The General Assembly Reconfirms Judges Hudock and Wenzel, ignoring Politico Lee Whitnum testimony against their Reconfirmation.  Calls it more Connecticut Justice

January 2017 - Candidate for Governor Lee Whitnum presented to the legislature that two Norwalk Criminal Court judges should not be reconfirmed. The notes she submitted to the legislature were put online on the Internet by legislative staff:

Whitnum, Lee regarding Judge Hudock - Connecticut General Assembly,%20Lee%20regarding...
    From: Lee Whitnum. Re: Judge Bruce Hudock and Judge William Wenzel. 1. I am writing to you today

    to request that you do not reconfirm Judge Bruce P.

The notes detail Whitnum’s allegations that Judges Huddock and Wenzel refused to hear one of six motions to dismiss the criminal charges against her.  “How are innocent people supposed to get out from under bogus criminal charges if you can’t have a motion to dismiss heard,” asks Whitnum who was dragged into criminal court for 41 court appearances.

Whitnum had also filed a Motion to Disqualify Prosecutor John Whalen and presented proof of his role in the criminal orchestration against her.  In that instance Judge Hernandez refused to dismiss Whalen. “Hudock stepped in at the last minute but judge Wenzel and Hernandez were there respectively for the entire 3 ½ years and they allowed Assistant Chief States Prosecutor John Whalen to use the Court system to torture me,” said Whitnum who was forced to make 41 criminal court appearances.

Whitnum testified that in court documents she could prove that Whalen and Emons had orchestrated the crime against Whitnum – the evidence proved Whitnum never rang Judge Jane Emons bell and ran on the morning of June 22, 2013 at 1:38 am. Whitnum’s phone records on Whalen’s report differed from her true phone records. But no judge would listen.

Whitnum’s notes and the evidence of the phone record proof are annexed with the Legislature, but both Huddock and Wenzel were rubber-stamped back into office.

“Superior, Appellate and Supreme Court judges in Connecticut get a job for life – as every eight years they are rubber-stamped in,” said Whitnum. “I explained and provided to the legislature the facts, I provided my true phone records obtained via federal subpoena in 3:15-CV-0959 proved that the Statewide Prosecutor’s Report 2013-0203 was wrong.”

Whitnum’s words fell on deaf ears. Whalen had signed the report 2013-0203 which was written by an Officer Coffey of the Statewide Prosecutor’s Office. “The proof was there, and yet no one was listening to me,” said Whitnum. 

In the report 2013-0203 Whalen claimed they had cell tower proof Whitnum was in the vicinity of Jane Emons house when her doorbell rang. Whitnum says it was all a lie and she was in Manhattan that night and that they had altered her phone records on their report.

“Emons claims she saw no one and yet she steers the Woodbridge Police to me and demands my arrest,” said Whitnum (the arrest report is annexed below).  “Whalen’s report, 2013-0203, was a complete lie. I could prove my innocence and no judge would hear it.”

In Norwalk criminal court the judges took their cues from Whalen. In all Judges Huddock, Wenzel, Hernandez were responsible as they allowed John Whalen to drag Whitnum into court for 41 Court appearances.

“They even refused to compel Whalen to bring to trial or drop the charges when I filed a Motion for Speedy Trial,” said Whitnum.  “It was a violation of the stated statute by Judge Wenzel.”

Whitnum, desperate to a void being railroaded into jail for a crime she did not commit, file a lawsuit again Emons and Whalen in In federal court:  3:15-CV-0959.  Federal Judge Underhill ignored Whitnum’s injunction to call Whalen off.

       Filed on 07/27/2015 docket #6 Federal case: 3:15-CV-0969:
       EMERGENCY MOTION for Injunction by L. "Lee" Whitnum. Responses due by 8/17/2015 (Oliver, T.)             (Entered: 07/27/2015)

“I couldn’t even get a federal judge to call in Whalen, a defendant, in favor of my constitutional right,” said Whitnum.  “In Norwalk criminal court no one would hear one of six Motions to Dismiss. Connecticut is lawless land.”

“Well what is the point of having a 6th Amendment Constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial if you can’t get a federal judge, in this case Federal Judge Stefan Underhill, to enforce it – especially against a named defendant? Whalen was a named defendant and yet Judge Underhill refused to reel him in favor of a Constitutional Right,” said Whitnum.

In Norwalk Criminal Court Judge Hernandez was sent details of Whalen’s involvement in what Whitnum calls “the criminal set-up.”  "I asked for Whalen’s disqualification, as we cannot have the man who orchestrated the crime, being able to prosecute it.  But Hernandez refused to dismiss John Whalen," said Whitnum.

“It was insane, Judge Hernandez ruled to allow John Whalen to remain on to prosecute me, despite the fact that I presented evidence in a Motions to Disqualify that Whalen orchestrated the crime by altering report # 2013-0203.”

In all Judges Wenzel, Hernandez, and Underhill allowed John Whalen to use the court system to torture Whitnum by dragging her into criminal court for 3 ½ years and 41 court appearances.  Whitnum in that time was kept from her teaching job, lost 4 a years of teacher salary.  "They all knew exactly what they were doing and what was at stake,” said Whitnum who claims it all stemmed from Judge Jane Emons and her determination to destroy Whitnum for her views regarding the country of Israel.

Thanks to Emons, Whitnum had already been railroaded into divorce without a private conversation with her infirmed husband, kept from him until his death. "I was awarded not even a dime despite being a good wife and married to a man worth $5 million," said Whitnum.

Rather than face being railroaded into jail for a crime she did not commit, could prove she did not commit, Whitnum took an A/R plea deal for first time offenders. “Innocent people should not have to take a deal.” said Whitnum.

Whitnum has appealed being forced to take a deal and that is currently in the U.S. Supreme Court. ###