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Demands retraction from Mark Pazniokas, Kevin Rennie and Paul Choiniere

For Immediate Release:   2018-6-14

Candidate for Governor Lee Whitnum is calling for the resignation of Senators Looney and Kissel for racism for using a single anonymous blog site as an excuse to paint Judge Jane Emons as a victim of anti-Semitism. Many believe the blog site was planted by manipulative zealots with a larger political agenda: the Holocaust Bill. Whitnum, and a group of litigants called the Dream Team, are also demanding the removal of three biased editorials by Mark Pazniokas of the CTMirror, Kevin Rennie of the Hartford Courant, and Paul Choiniere of The Day for repeating the anti-Semitic allegations, with no proof, against Dream Team members and the more than 150 citizens who complained about Judge Jane Emons’ rulings and behavior.

“For Senator’s Looney and Kissel to imply Emons’ victims are anti-Semites is a travesty but what is worse is the press members, who did not check the facts, instead followed their lead,” said Whitnum who is referring to the dismissal of Judge Jane Emons. The lack of a vote by the legislature essentially fired Emons. It is the first time, in 200 years, a sitting judge has not been rubber-stamped in.

“Emons, Kissel and Looney used an internet blogger’s posts to imply that the more than 150 people, Jane Emons detractors, are anti-Semites. To grant preferential treatment to someone based on race is as much discrimination as the opposite – calling someone the N-word,” said Whitnum who believes they are trying to rewrite history in favor of Emons.

Their testimony is viewable at:

At the February 16, 2018, Senator Looney testimony stated:

             “Honestly, I have been shocked by the vitriolic, racist, anti-Semitic, and hateful

              nature of some of the opposition to Judge Emons’ reappointment. I’ve known

              Judge Emons for many years and I know her to be a person of exceptional intellect

              and integrity.” 

Whitnum says this is an absolute lie, as there was never any testimony given that was anti-Semitic. “Absolute none,” said Whitnum who is demanding that Senator Kissel and Senator Looney step down for their racism and for this insult to the People who complained about Emons. 

“These litigants, harmed by Emons, included family members kept from one another sometimes for years-on-end with no bases in law – or in direct violation of the law,” said Whitnum. “They are obviously not anti-Semites and, I believe, Kissel and Looney know it.”
Members of the Dream Team believe Emons, Kissel and Looney may have used the blog for a 3-fold agenda: to paint Emons as a hero-martyr, to pass the Holocaust Bill SB-452 and to possibly frame a member of the Dream Team as the anti-Semitic blogger in order to get a conviction with Kissel’s HB-5743, the anti-hate crime bill.”

Whitnum says this seemingly innocuous legislation is sweeping the country, through state legislatures, and has a darker, more sinister, hidden agenda that is all about the “hearts, minds and money of the American public.”

“The press members should be savvier to the allegedly larger agenda,” said Whitnum. “When the press fails to report the truth they do a disservice to those aggrieved, and in this case, they do a disservice to their country,” said Whitnum. “Shame on Pazniokas, Rennie and Choiniere for allegedly falling for a larger political agenda, a simple check of the facts was in order.”

Whitnum points out the obvious holes in their anti-Semitic accusations:

“Firstly,­ Senators Kissel and Looney proved their loyalty to Emons they could have easily brought up the vote for Emons’ reconfirmation. I believe they chose not to for the larger agenda. For the press to state a ‘judge’s career killed by lack of vote’ makes no logical sense,” said Whitnum. “I believe it was a manipulative ploy.”

In furthering her argument that Emons’ detractors were not anti-Semitic Whitnum points out the fact that Emons does not look Jewish, her name is not Jewish, and most of her victims did not know her ethnicity. This was repeated over-and-over again by those aggrieved at Emon’s 2-16-2018 reconfirmation hearing (link above) with detractors using their scant 3-minutes to state: “I didn’t even know Emons was Jewish.”

“View it for yourself,” said Whitnum who points out, logically, that the bulk of Emons’ detractors had already filed complaints when the anonymous blogger post conveniently appeared right before the reconfirmation hearing; to which Whitnum says, “Oh gee what a coincidence.”

Whitnum provides 3 additional logical arguments. “The public record is proof positive that Emons’ detractors were not anti-Semitic. The first 29 complaints against Emons were lodged with the Judicial Review Council,” said Whitnum continuing her refute. “The next wave came from the complaints submitted to the Judicial Committee (JUD) - which was 22 additional people. They are all public record and there is not an anti-Semitic word in the bunch. Not one.”

The third wave, and the vast majority, were from parents who wrote directly to legislators as they did not want family matters made part of the record. One senator stated he received more than 170 very credible, complaint letters against Judge Jane Emons. Rep. Minnie Gonzales also received the private complaints and she stated the following during testimony on 2-16-2018:

                "I received email after email and all were complaining about you," said Rep. Minnie

                 Gonzales to Judge Jane Emons, later adding, ”I never heard anything against

                 you for your religion or your culture."

Whitnum states the evidence above is proof there was no anti-Semitic letters. “I believe Minnie Gonzales over Looney. Looney should be made to provide proof of the testimony that made him ‘shocked’ by the ‘vitriolic, racist, anti-Semitic, and hateful nature of some of the opposition to Judge Emons’ reappointment.’ ”

“Prove it. Looney is clearly biased and he should step down,” said Whitnum. “How dare he insult the People aggrieved by Emons. I’ve been in this from the beginning and I haven’t heard an anti-Semitic word - ever. There is plenty of hate for Jane Emons, and none of it was because of her race but because of her violations of rights, rulings, and behavior. How dare Looney use an anonymous blog post to discount the testimony of so many citizens? It is unacceptable but for the press to reprint it as fact, is a travesty. Shame on them.”

Although Whitnum always suspected a hidden agenda an opinion piece by Kevin Rennie verified it. Rennie printed that Emons lack of reconfirmation directly resulted in the passing of the Holocaust legislation.  Rennie writes:

           "The legislature decided to address the vicious anti-Semitism aimed at Judge Emons

             by adopting a bill proposed by state Sen. Toni Boucher, R-Wilton, to require Holocaust

             education in our schools. Here’s an idea. Lead by example and reject the vile acts and

             words in your midst that gave birth to the Holocaust in Germany more than 80 years

             ago instead, they provided encouragement to people seeking to erase the stigma

             of anti-Semitism."

“They used the allegedly planted anti-Semitic blog to pass Holocaust legislation! Oh wow, to an alleged uber-zealot like Emons, that kind of accolade must have put her over the moon. Her martyrdom, walking away from her job, was a sacrifice, this is a dream come true for her,” said Whitnum. Rennie also wrote in his article:

             “They always come for the Jews,” British writer Douglas Murray wrote in The

               Spectator a few years ago. We thought Connecticut’s House of Representatives

               was a sanctuary from this poison. It is not.” 

“What a crock. This is outrageous, Rennie compares parents kept from their kids, and our Senators and Representatives to Nazis – he is either really biased or really incompetent. Examine the evidence,” said Whitnum. “Hey Rennie, looks to me like you were played like a marionette.”

Whitnum believes that Mark Pazniokas of the CTMirror, Kevin Rennie of the Hartford Courant, and Paul Choiniere of The Day are wholly ignorant that there is a war is going on. And that when they allow themselves to allegedly be played by the powerful with an agenda they are doing the United States of America a great disservice.

“Allegedly planting a phony blog to get a political agenda across is not out of the question. Nihilism by zealots is not anything new. Case in point: There were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, a hand full of Neoconservatives, who are Israel-firsters, played the United States of America into unnecessary war for Israel,” said  Whitnum who believes that taking down a country that was no threat to us, for Israel, was the first nail in the coffin of the United States of America.

“‘We can’t kill our way out of this one,’” said Whitnum quoting the documentary “Spymasters”.

Whitnum claims Emons targeted her because she was candidate for US Congress and US Senate, she was vocally anti-AIPAC, Anti-Zionist but claims she is not anti-Semitic. Whitnum claims, “I have never made an anti-Semitic statement in my life. I am proudly anti-Zionist and anti-AIPAC.” Whitnum is a recognized member of the Peace Movement and the only Connecticut politico who is openly against the exorbitant US funding of Israel as counter-productive.

“I cried when peace activist and Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein died – I cried for the cruelty and humiliation she endured by the brutal and despicable Israeli government. Don’t ever call me an anti-Semitic – that is not accurate,” said Whitnum.

And finally Whitnum claims that the increasing number of states adopting anti-hate crime legalization, with long jail times, may be to incarcerate those people who do not agree with the Zionist political agenda in Israel. Whitnum cites the “Anti-Semitism Act of 2016,” supported by AIPAC and the ongoing push by zealots to pass it. Palestine Legal points out:

             "The redefinition of antisemitism is so broadly drawn—and its examples so vague—that

               any speech critical of Israel or supportive of Palestinian rights could conceivably fall

               within it. For example, a human rights supporter who speaks out for Palestinian rights,

               citing reports by such bodies as the United Nations or Amnesty International regarding

               Israeli human rights abuses, could be labeled anti-Semitic …."

Whitnum and others have pointed out that if U.S. government adopts this overbroad re-definition of anti-Semitism it would stifle foreign policy discussion of Israel’s racial discrimination of its non-Jewish underclass, and stifle any opposition to U.S. financial support of Israel, which, it is well documented, makes the US a terrorist target for our hypocrisy. 

“Although such stifling of free speech would likely violate the First Amendment, with so much bias among judges and the press, it won’t matter,” said Whitnum.  “Peace activists and intellectuals will still rot in jail. Nice country we’ve become.  I’ve said it for years: with the rise of the power of AIPAC has come the decline of the United States.”

As for the Holocaust Bill Whitnum calls it “A Handmaid’s Tale with Yarmulkes” and describes it as very dangerous.

“Religious leaders roaming the halls of our high schools to exert control over the curriculum. This happens in the Occupied Territories. Shame on the Connecticut legislators, and shame on those who brow-beat them into it,” said Whitnum. “Now rabbis have the law to essentially press charges against a teacher, or boycott a teacher, who doesn’t teach the Holocaust in the manner the rabbis like.”

Whitnum believes the next step for the zealots in the State of Connecticut would be to pin the ownership of the anti-Semitic blog on one of the Dream Team. “Emons has high-ranking friends at the statewide prosecutors’ office and her son is an FBI agent. If they chose to attack, a Dream Team member would be powerless in this unlawful state,” said Whitnum who fears an unlawful arrest for Kissel’s HB-5743, the anti-hate crime bill may be their next move.

Whitnum should know, she believes she was framed by Judge Jane Emons the case is viewable at Whitnum v. Emons FST-CV-15-5014842-S, and the gravamen described below:

“The press is biased, they refuse to print the truth,” said Whitnum who despite sending out numerous press releases in the last four years, no member of the Connecticut media has never reported the truth, instead repeating that Whitnum stalked Emons.

“It is an absolute lie – I’ve never stalked anyone,” said Whitnum. “When do I get justice for what Emons and statewide prosecutor John Whalen did to me and my husband? They destroyed my life, when do I get justice?”

Whitnum, along with other citizens, are toying with the idea of filing a class-action lawsuit against Kissel, Looney and the 3 media outlets and editors who regurgitated that Emons’ detractors are anti-Semitic or that Emons has been the victim of abuse.

“Nothing could be further from the truth” said Whitnum. “The press in Connecticut, like the judiciary, is biased as hell and this recent blog-gate is proof of it,” said Whitnum. “Never has one well-place blog gained so much traction. Emons was never a victim, quite the opposite.”

As a candidate for Governor Lee Bill #1 would stop such abuses in the future. “My Lee Bill #1, gives the currently useless Judicial Review Council teeth - teeth to fire judges on a rolling basis, who deny due process, engage in documented trickery, or violated any right or statute.”

“I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else,” said Whitnum.