A recent discovery disclosure by the State Police is proof of bias of Federal Judge Kari Dooley according to former politico Lee Whitnum who is still seeking justice against former Judge Jane Emons for what Whitnum calls “an absolute lie” in that Emons accused Whitnum and demanded her arrest for allegedly ringing Emons’ bell and running on June 22, 2013.

“It is an absolute lie, back then Emons’ used her power to have me unlawfully arrested for crime I did not commit, Emons is still using her power to get the judges to allegedly do her bidding,” said Whitnum who is referring to Judge Kari Dooley in the Whitnum v. Woodbridge Police Department federal case (3:17-cv-1362).

“In October 2018 Judge Kari Dooley lied on the record and it scared me, I’ve learned that when a judge lies on the record or denies due process they usually have an agenda,” said Whitnum who believed Dooley to be biased in favor of Jane Emons but she had no way to prove it.      

In the beginning of the case Whitnum had asked Judge Michael Shea to preside over face-to-face deposition of former Jane Emons and Assistant Chief State’s Prosecutor John Whalen, as material witness, and with the goal of citing both into the federal case.  Whitnum has also asked for face-to-face deposition of the two named defendants Officer Crowther and Officer Cappiello of the Woodbridge Police Department.  Whitnum feared they would be wholly unresponsive during depositions.

“I just didn’t want to waste time and money; I knew that Jane Emons and John Whalen would never admit to criminal wronging-doing on the record.  So I asked Judge Shea to preside.  I’ve had this privileged before in another case and it is amazing how much you can get to the truth if you have a judge there stating 'answer the question.' I wanted that right against Emons and Whalen to streamline this matter.”

Judge Michael ruling on 4-14-2018 was the following:

After the deposition, the parties may -- after making good faith efforts to resolve the dispute themselves, which must be documented by affidavit, Fed. R. Civ. P. 37 and Local Rule 37 -- file a discovery motion with the Court requesting that the Court resolve the dispute and supplying the Court with the pertinent record.
“I took that to mean the door was still open, so I made a very good faith effort,” said Whitnum who sent more than 100 question of each of the four above in the form of in Deposition by Written Question.

“They wouldn’t answer even one question such as ‘identify the signature on the attached exhibit – nothing - not one question answered with anything of substance. ” the lawyers providing the same excuses over-and-over, “burdensome,” “irrelevant,” “illegible” – the usual excuse,” said Whitnum. And the judges have refused to compel answers.

Whitnum was also hit with 68 pages of discovery on the penultimate day of the discovery deadline.

“Judge Michael Shea disappeared from the case and Judge Kari Dooley suddenly stepped in.  So I next requested that Judge Kari Dooley allow face-to-face depositions and extension of time for the fact that the defense counsel had provided 68 pages of discovery on the day before the discovery deadline which opened all up new questions,” said Whitnum who was denied the request.by Judge Kari Dooley who states on the record in:

In her motion, the plaintiff offers no good cause for the extension she seeks. She seeks additional time due to purported lies told and games being played by counsel for the defendants. However, she offers no specific allegation of wrongdoing, no identifiable false statement, or any example of unprofessional conduct.

And then:

Finally, to the extent the plaintiff seeks this courts participation in depositions, that request was previously denied by the court

“No good cause really? Wrong, I made it clear that I had been given 68 pages of discovery on the penultimate day of discovery and that opened all kinds of questions that needed to be answered.  To me that is trickery and plenty of cause to extent discovery.  Also, I had made my argument clear that the four mentioned above had each given 100 questions, which I provided, and that every question was ignored. What more could I have possibly said? How much clearer can I possibly be?”  Asked Whitnum who suspected bias but had no way to prove it.

“Judge Dooley’s reading of Judge Shea’ order differs from my interpretation. He basically postponed the issue until a good faith effort. Dooley purposefully misread his ruling. When something doesn’t make since there usually another agenda at play,” said Whitnum who may be right as since that time, Judge Dooley has stepped down.

Whitnum believed Dooley was biased but she could not prove it until a breakthrough came in the form of discovery from the Connecticut State Police.

“I received a discovery packet in October from the State Police and there was an email from an anonymous source that had sent a message to Jane Emons regarding the billboard on Route 91. Emons had initiated a State Police Investigation of the email.   On the limited cc list was the name ‘Dooley, Kari’,” said Whitnum who then filed a Motion to Disqualify Dooley. “I just could not understand why Dooley was on the cc list for this email.  She and Emons clearly had an association.”

The billboard posted on Route 91 was to the judicial committee by an anonymous source urging them to vote “no” on Jane Emons reconfirmation. The email was also from an anonymous source but Whitnum is not sure if they are one in the same.      

“I don’t know if the email person and the billboard poster are not the same person but I owe these people a debt of gratitude and thanks. They provided the proof I need to get Kari Dooley off my back.  It was Halloween evening when read it and the fact that Kari Dooley was on the list was proof positive that she and Emons were affiliated,” said Whitnum.

Whitnum was so disturbed by Dooley’s name in the police investigation of the email, she took action in the form of a Motion for Disqualification and asked Dooley point blank, ‘Why is your name there? Do you know Jane Emons?  Have you ever dined with her?  If so please step down.”

Judge Kari Dooley immediately stepped down today, November 1, 2018 and transferred the case to Federal Judge Janet C. Hall which Whitnum took as an affirmation that Dooley and Emons are friends or worked together or both. And that is where the ethics violation accusation begins. 

“I believe that if Judge Kari Dooley had a relationship with Jane Emons on any level she should have reported it from the get-go and recused herself   She didn’t, instead she misinterpreted the record specifically Judge Shea’s ruling to make sure her buddy Jane Emons, is not made to appear in a face-to-face deposition or cited in as a party in the case, or made to answer any of the 100 written deposition questions.”

Whitnum says she will be filing a complaint of judicial misconduct against Dooley.  Judge Janet Hall had the case now and Whitnum hopes she will fare better with Judge Hall.

Whitnum v. Woodbridge Police 3:17-cv-1362 is one of three cases where Whitnum is seeking justice against former Judge Jane Emons.  Whitnum claims Emons set her up for incarceration.

“I never rang Jane Emons’ bell and ran.  It is a lie,” said Whitnum.  

The Woodbridge Police, despite the fact that the Woodbridge Police Department did a three month investigation at Emon’s demand and determined on 9-17-2013 in their report that the case was “administratively closed” with no proof Whitnum rang the bell.

Whitnum asks, “Then why was I dragged into court, and tortured with 41 court appearances and denied adjudication on the merits? Here is the exact wording from the Woodbridge Police on 9-17-2013 which determine that Whitnum did NOT ring Emons’ bell on June 22, 2013. The last line where it states:

”Based on the lack of further details or other pertinent information it is recommended that active investigation of this incident be suspended at this time and that this investigation be considered Administratively Closed.”
Viewable at: Exhibit C www.leewhitnum.com/JudgeHernandez.html

Despite the fact that the Woodbridge Police didn’t stop them from arresting Whitnum.

“John Whalen was enlisted despite the fact that one investigative agency had already deemed me not responsible, how often does one police agency consider a case closed and yet another reopens it for a first time offender – a teacher. What the hell have we run out of criminals to go after?”

At the federal level, Whitnum is still trying for justice against the Woodbridge Police Department for their role in arresting Whitnum for peripheral charges all stemming from the same ring and run alleged by Jane Emons on June 22, 2013.

“Not only did I did not ring the doorbell and run at the home of judge Jane Emons – I can prove it, but no criminal court judge would hear a motion to dismiss.  I could prove my innocence and Judge Hernandez and Judge Wenzel refused to hear on of six filed motion to dismiss.  I was in Manhattan that night and my phone records, obtained via federal subpoena. Proved it,” said Whitnum who has provided proof for the public to view:


Whitnum was facing 14 years in jail for the ring and run and the mountain of charges piled on by Assistant Chief State’s Prosecutor John Whalen at the behest of his “buddy of 35 years” Jane Emons.

“When do I get justice?  It seems our judicial system is nothing more than a vehicle to give paychecks to the powerful and playground for the predatory,” said Whitnum

“The denial of discovery is more of the same I have endured for years in Connecticut Courts,” said Whitnum who blames all her troubles on Jane Emons, which began in 2012 in divorce court to which Emons was presiding.

 “Jane Emons violated my right under 46(b)-53 – the right to conciliation, our right by statue, when The People break the law we are arrested, what about when a judge violates your right?  In Connecticut there is no recourse,” said Whitnum who claims she was kept from her infirmed husband from his disappearance on May 27, 2012 until his death on October 16, 2016.

Whitnum ran for Congress, the Senate and now governor.  Whitnum claims that if Connecticut had Alaska’s laws she could have disqualified Emons from the get-go at the first violation of her rights. 

Whitnum has accused Emons of political motivation for her allowing a political heckler in the courtroom on July 16, 2012.  Whitnum as a candidate for Congress and Senate was vocal against him United Sates funding of Israel.

“Gee I thought I had a first amendment right and obligation as a political candidate to talk about relevant foreign policy.  Clearly we don’t have that right in this country.”


Federal Judge Kari Dooley Steps down in Politico Lee Whitnum's ongoing quest for justice against disgraced former judge Jane Emons and Assistant Chief State's Prosecutor John Whalen

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