Foundation for Litigant Parity

See my bills on the Lee's Bills page.

The budget:  By cleaning up the existing corruption and fat we'll have plenty of cash flow to keep this state in the black.   

No New Taxes. We pay enough.

Yes to Free Range Parenting:  Get the state out of our homes.

Yes to the Glen Campbell Bill:  The conservator cannot keep a senior isolated from other people.

Fairness at our Capitol :  Lobbying is part of our government.  This is different, fairness across ethnic groups to room rental and the religious convocation at the Capitol in Hartford.

Tolls. Two at the borders (with a discount for our commuters).

Israel. Stop the US funding of Israel.

Yes to Charter Schools. If the hedge funds want to give it, we will gladly take it.  The trick is meshing semi-privatization with the Union and the existing boards of education.  I’d bridge that gap.  I am 100% pro-union and  a 20 year union member.