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2017-2-14 Candidate for Governor Lee Whitnum hints at politically motivated sabotage at the US Supreme Court... Read more

2013-6-25 Whitnum claims the stalking charge by Judge Jane Emons  is a set up.  I don't ring bells and run says Whitnum...Read more

2015-8-12 August 12, 2015 - Politico Lee Whitnum is facing new criminal charges in the ongoing feud with Judge Jane Emons..Read more

2013-6  Whitnum files lawsuit against the Darien Police Department for unlawful arrest and being kept from her husband...Read more

2015-3-15 Whitnum calls misdemeanor conviction an example of Connecticut Justice...Read more.


2017-2-24 Bar Mitzvah case denied at the US Supreme Court. Accuses Federal Court Judge Underhill of bias...Read more

2017-3-17 Candidate for Governor Lee Whitnum 15 Steps to Clean up the Connecticut Judiciary... Read more

2013-10-23 Judge Arnold cuts Judge Emons off at the knees, modifies the bogus protective order...Read more

2017-3-15 Lee Whitnum testifies at Appellate 2nd Circuit against Judge Jane Emons...Read more

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2017-2-24 Bar Mitzvah Writ of Certiorari found at the US Supreme Court... Read more

2013-5-15  Whitnum is arrested for calling to beg Judge Jane Emons to allow access to her husband...Read more