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Dispelling the Lies in the Press:

Governor Dannel Malloy never had a protective order against Lee Whitnum.  This was a lie put out by the Malloy Camp for some unknown reason.  Lee Whitnum has never met Dannel Malloy nor does she have any desire to do so.  His determination to smear her is perplexing.  

The Greenwich Time has falsely accused Lee Whitnum of stalking a judge and "others".  This is not true.  Lee Whitnum has never stalked anyone.  She was charged with stalking by a politically motivated judge who claimed Whitnum rang her bell and ran.  It was a lie.  The charge was then dropped as Whitnum's phone records exonerated her. 

The Greenwich Time and bloggers have repeatedly maligned Ms. Whitnum’s mental health.  In more that seven occurrences the Greenwich Time, and or their reporters on the Internet, have sought to denigrate this candidate’s mental health without mentioning any specific instances that merit the defamation.  It is a smear.  For the record Lee Whitnum has no known mental illnesses. 

Dannel Malloy and members of the press has reported that Lee Whitnum is anti-Semitic.  Whitnum has never been anti-Semitic but she is opposed to the United States funding of Israel as counter productive. She is opposed to the poiltical movement of Zionism